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2022 - Oribe Tea Bowl with Iron Marks #2.jpg


Oribe Chawan with Iron Markings

Oribe ware (also known as 織部焼 Oribe-yaki) is a style of Japanese pottery that first appeared in the sixteenth century. It is a type of Japanese stoneware recognized by its freely-applied glaze as well as its dramatic visual departure from the more somber, monochrome shapes and vessels common in Raku ware of the time. The ceramics were often asymmetrical, embracing the eccentricity of randomized shapes. Deformed shapes were not at all uncommon. These shapes were achieved through the implementation of molding as a technique, as opposed to working on a potter’s wheel. 

The Chawan is a traditional vessel used in the Tea Ceremony of the time and is in continued use by Macha tea enthusiasts today. A well made Chawan gives consideration to the preparation of the teal in the bowl and pleasure of the user as the tea is enjoyed. Chawan are very elegant in their simplicity and humble nature.

2023 - 9- Lidded Dinner Plate.jpg


Lidded Dinner Plate with Nutmeg Glaze and Rutile markings

Preparing food and eating the fruits of our labor is one of those things made more enjoyable with handmade ceramic dinnerware.

If you are like me, a lot of the leftovers from an enjoyable evening of cooking become delicious entrees in the following days. I make these lidded plates with those leftovers in mind. Simply put together leftover main course and sides into one of these plates, cover with the lid and place into the microwave for a minute or two. Crack the lid and let rest for another minute or two and enjoy your leftover meal!

Greeting Card Sets.jpg

Greeting Cards Individually or in Boxed Sets

$6.00 each or $36.00 for a boxed set of 6

All of my art prints, drawings and photography are available as greeting cards, complete with envelopes. You may select individual cards and purchase them individually or in boxed sets of six. Photo greeting cards make great gifts for the holidays or anytime you want to give a unique present.

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